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Methodology Working
01. Analysis and Planning of the Project
First step more important in any project. We will make a detailed analysis of the necessities of the customer and an adequate planning your reality for the development of a success project.

02. Approval of the Project
After approval of the analysis and adequacy of the questions of the customer, occurs the approval of the project. At this moment we will have the total vision of all the components and functionalities of the project.

03. Creation of the Graphical Design
In this phase the graphical interface of the project is created, always obeying the visual identity (branding) of the company of the customer. Defining the use of the images and colors that will predominate in the layout and the structure of navigation to be used, to give the best possible navigability.

04. Approval of the Graphical Design
When of the adequacy of the appearance of the project to the expectations of the customer, the approval of the interface occurs.

05. Development of the Project
When necessary the tools and methodologies of integration of the internal system with the project are created. The main objective is prevent rework and guarantee the integrity of the available information.

06. Tests and Acceptance of the Project
After your implementation, the project will pass per a sequence of tests that include to use traditional methodologies. The results will point the credibility and the confiabialidade of the developed solution. After the agreement of the customer, the project will be available.

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