Resources Live Help
Visitors: You can find visitors waiting.
History of chats: Search historic place.
Statistics: this page, you can generate a variety of reports.
Canned Messages: Edit messages that you type in chat often.
Button: Button to generate HTML code.
Attendants: Create, delete agents of the company. Manage your permissions.
Settings: Please specify options that affect the chat window and the common system.
Profile: You can change your personal information on this page.
Language: Select Language.
Exit: Exit the system.

Administration of the system through the control panel
Languages (Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian, French and German)
Photo of the attendant or Company logo
Information online / offline on your page
Design custom button on / offline for your Company
Customer Information typing or typing clerk - Timing
lets you know what page your customer is
It allows to transfer the call to another attendant
Using the browser, access restricted by login and password with permissions to access
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