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Resources Supermarket OnLine
  • Better cost-benefit of the market
  • You register how many products, categories and sub-categories you want
  • Internal system for total administration of the store
  • Safe purchase (criptography SSL of 128 bits)
  • System Support OnLine
  • Unlimited online transactions
  • We DO NOT charge commission on sales
  • Hosting Included - in GB Disk Space
  • HelpDesk integrated in the Administration of your store
  • and more ...
Virtual Stock
  • Integration with the system of large distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers facilitating the registration and updating of hundreds / thousands of products (name, description, price, weight, photos and other information), categories and subcategories
  • Set the profit percentage of the price to resell
  • Through one click your customer will be able to create a complete e-commerce for resale of your products, and also update daily or weekly all products
  • Import / Update / Synchronize large-scale stock of products via API from,,,,,,,, and
  • Do you want to be part of this network of distributors? Contact us
  • and more ...
  • Shopping Club Subscription with Recurring Payment
  • Facebook Store
  • online seller
  • Quick purchase with 1 click
  • Quick Product View
  • Buy together
  • related products or categories of products
  • Suggested products bought by other customers (Ex .: Who bought this product also bought other products)
  • History of viewed products
  • The purchase of appeal to upload options, type text, check box (ideal for customizing the product photo, company logo or text)
  • Generator OnLine Catalog PDF
  • Module let me know when you get product out of stock
  • System telesales
  • Inventory control
  • Automatic stock low for products sold
  • If the stock end option to let the customer buy or disable buy button and price or disable the product or show message to client available in x days
  • System DhopShipping / Reseller / Triangulation
  • Feature to limit the amount of minimum or maximum purchase by product
  • Pre-selling products
  • Gift Registry (Ex .: wedding, bridal shower, lingerie shower, baby shower, tea bar, etc.)
  • Product price on request
  • Product registration in more than one category
  • and more ...
  • Shop available in the languages ​​Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, English and Japanese
  • Bestsellers
  • News releases
  • Specials
  • Featured Products
  • Hot site
  • Brands or manufacturers
  • Unlimited categories and sub-categories
  • List view or gallery
  • Sort by price, but sold, news, product name or brand
  • Filter products by attributes and values ​​(Ex .: Size, colors, types, etc.)
  • Product Details: Product photos, options, shares in credit card, calculating the price of shipping, price in promotion, add to wishlist, customer reviews, related products, buy from, customers who bought this product also bought, refer a friend (a), email notification, frequently asked questions, free shipping per product, zoom photos, the purchase of appeal to upload options, type text, check box (ideal for customizing the product photo, logo company or text), take your question, integration with social networks to share and enjoy
  • Simple and advanced search: name, description, price, department, category, sub-category, manufacturer
  • Product search based on title, code and / or description
  • Shopping cart remove products, add products, update quantity, calculating the price of shipping, continue shopping
  • Checkout: Choose the form of delivery and payment method, using discount voucher, promotional coupon or gift certificate
  • Users online
  • Enable / Disable Client must register to view price
  • YouTube video integration support in each product page
  • Discount module for quantity and amount
  • Support B2B or B2C
  • Page with customer relationship that ended not purchase with notification system by email
  • Malicious users blocking by IP, CPF and Email
  • Appeal to accept terms and conditions to checkout
  • Update batch products
  • Customization taxes / taxes
  • Automatic stock return requests for unpaid
  • Export / Import in CSV or XML products, customers, orders, Emails
  • Resource Import CSV File for New Products in Large Scale
  • Resource Download and Update Products Large Scale via CSV file
  • Management of multiple applications simultaneously to notify customer by email using Email Template, Print Invoice, Labels, Packing Slip, Invoice Export, XML NFE, NFE TXT, Status Change Requests, Reset Stock
  • Full program of Affiliates (Affiliate Program Information Affiliate Program - FAQ, Edit Account Affiliates, Change Password, Affiliates News, Banners, Products, Categories, Texts, Reports Clicks, Sales Reports, Payment Report)
  • Unlimited extra pages
  • Accepted term configuration for purchase
  • and more ...
  • Register / edit account
  • Change Password
  • Notifications access email
  • Different shipping address register
  • My Wishlist
  • Product subscriptions or recurring payment services
  • View coupons or vouchers discounts
  • Sign up / remove email newsletter for receiving
  • Purchase history and order
  • You may re-make the payment or change the form of request for payment already completed
  • You may repurchase the same products with a click
  • Print request
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Customer groups with discount setting, minimum purchase and restricted access
  • and more ...
  • Support any type of personalized option (Color, Size, Type, etc)
  • HTML WYSIWYG editor
  • Several Templates / Designs Templates, Colors, Menus or Custom Web Design
  • Customizing the layout, colors and texts as their brand
  • Choose the structure of the header, and bottom side
  • Versions desktop, smartphone, tablet and facebook app
  • Edit the layout by Control Panel
  • Opensource code file editor
  • Choose the type dropdown menu, mega menu, full and other
  • Set the font size for Control Panel
  • Set the colors through the Control Panel
  • and more ...
  • Friendly URLs
  • RSS / XML feed
  • Optimization of search engines
  • SiteMap Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Registration in search engines 19 Brazil and 70 International
  • Use of micro formats - "rich snippets" friendly and optimized urls - "friendly urls" Customization page titles, meta tags Personalization, Customization robots.txt for search engines, sitemap generation for google and other search engines
  • and more ...
Advertising and Marketing
  • Free advertising in the MFORMULA Shopping
  • XML Feed of all products to disclosure Buscapé, Bondfaro, Cota Cota, Economiza, Shop Fácil, Shopping UOL, Google Shopping, Shop Mania, BizRate, Yahoo, Bid Hopper, ShopBot, Twenga, Rua Direita, OLX, ShoppyDoo, KuantoKusta,, Bing Shopping,, Zoom, Trovit,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Newsletter tool for customers
    and more ...
Reporting and Metrics
  • Support integration with google analytics
  • Detailed reports on the store
  • Statistics: by date product sales, complete statistics of internet sales and phone maker by sales, vendor sales, daily statistics of products, product / word Popular keys, product notifications, reference sources, stock down, coupons discount / promotional code / gift certificates, products surveyed, sales per customer, inventory low by attributes, products purchased
  • and more ...
Payment Methods
  • Cielo, Rede, PayU, Moip, PagSeguro, PayPal, Mercado Pago, Dinheiro Mail, F2B, Koin Pós Pago, Bank Billet, Wire Transfer
  • Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Amex, Diners, Hipercad, Elo, Aura, Discover, JCB, Cabal, Grancard, Sorocred, ValeCard, BrasilCard, Mais!, FortBrasil, PersonalCard, BaneseCard, Up Policard
  • Amazon, Nochex,, iPayment, PSI Gate, Skrikk Money Bookers, Chronopay, Inpay, Paypoint SecPay, Paytm
  • and more ...
Shipping Methods
  • Integration with WebService Post Sigep
  • Automatic label generator for sending the goods
  • Automatic calculation of shipping and delivery charge
  • Correios, Exporta Fácil, Sedex, PAC, Sedex 10, Sedex Hoje, eSedex, EMS, Braspress, Jamef, Motoboy, Retirar na loja, USPS, FedEx, UPS, Japan Post, Kuroneko, Sagawa, SkyNet, Loggi, Rapiddo, AuPost
  • and more ...
  • API integration with ERP Bling / Tiny
  • Integration Clearsale
  • Integration Fcontrol 
  • Integration API WebService
  • Export data products and software for customers of NF-e
  • Resource for Feeds Loading the Insert, Update and Delete Data Provider Products - Dropship System
  • the Cnova Marketplace API to Import Cnova Marketplace products shop / Manage products Cnova Marketplace / Post / Edit products in the virtual store and Cnova Marketplace / Manage multiple products in the virtual store and Cnova Marketplace / Manage and import multiple client requests the Cnova Marketplace
  • Netshoes Marketplace API to Manage products Netshoes Marketplace / Post / Edit products in the virtual store and Netshoes Marketplace / Manage multiple products in the virtual store and Netshoes Marketplace / Manage and import multiple client requests the Netshoes Marketplace
  • B2W's Marketplace API to Manage products B2W Marketplace / Post / Edit products in the virtual store and B2W Marketplace / Manage multiple products in the virtual store and B2W Marketplace / Manage and import multiple requests for the B2W Marketplace customers
  • Free Market API Relate Free Market products with webshop / Import Free Market products shop / Manage products Free Market / Post / Edit products in the online store and the Free Market / Manage multiple products in the shop and Free market / Manage questions and Free market customer responses / Manage and import multiple Free market customer orders
  • Import / Update / Synchronize large-scale inventory of products via API,,,,,,,, and
  • Support integration with ERP / CRM systems
  • and more ...
Control Panel
  • Users: Administration of users and groups for access level.
  • Settings: Online shop, images, customers, delivery, list of products, inventory, email, color, delivery logos, logos forms of payment, product highlights, wishlist, installments on credit card, quick updates, Popular tags related products, friendly urls, security, customer must register to view price, Affiliate program, banners, boxes, categories and sub-categories, security, checkout on one page
  • Catalog: categories, sub-categories, quick updates, multi-product management, options, import / export CSV, brands, suppliers, supplier list prices, related products, buy from, reviews, promotions, featured products, anticipated product, move product categories, copy products to another category, administration mp3 free shipping by product export product data for NC and software, sales unit, hs, CFOP, cst, transport to NFE even product related products, hot site , featured products shopping cart, buy together, limiting minimum or maximum purchase filters idea of ​​gifts and presents, packages / boxes, printing product labels
  • Modules: Payment, delivery, gift wrapping, discount coupon / promotional code / gift certificate, discount by payment type, quantity discount, additional fee per type of payment, additional fee per payment type and number of installments, free shipping
  • Customers: Birthdays, customer, customer group, price per customer group, enable and disable clients, applications internet, ordering phone, email response templates for applications, customers of notes, edit and create orders, order status, outstanding products in shopping cart, discount coupon / promotional code / gift certificate, reference sources, risk analysis of previous orders, export customer data to NF-e software, CSV export customers, manage multiple applications in batch, manual inclusion requests
  • Affiliates: Summary, affiliates, Payment, Sales, Clicks, Banners, News, Newsletter
  • Wishlist: wedding list, birthday list and other lists
  • Locations / Taxes: Countries, regions (states) rate by zone, type of fee rates
  • Locations: Coins and languages
  • Statistics: by date product sales, complete statistics of internet sales and phone maker by sales, vendor sales, daily statistics of products, product / word Popular keys, product notifications, reference sources, stock down, coupons discount / promotional code / gift certificates, products surveyed, sales per customer, inventory low by attributes, products purchased
  • Tools: Administration of extra pages, customers of notes, comments Store, SEO (optimization for search engines), send emails, email templates, newsletter, download emails, pdf catalog, who is online, online service, administrative texts, shops
  • Layout: Banners, templates editor, source code editor, font size management, image management, logos of payment and delivery, banners settings, settings categories, file management
  • Feeds: Buscapé, Bondfaro, CorreiosNet, Cota Cota, Saves, Zura, IG Shopping, Price Mix, Shop Easy, All Price, Shopping UOL, Rank, Tradepar, Ki Offers, Watz, Froogle, Shop Mania, BizRate, Yahoo Bid Hopper , Go Shopping, Deal Gates
  • System FAQ
  • Website Optimization in search: products, departments, brands, manufacturers, extra pages, categories and sub-categories
  • articles Management: Topics / Articles, authors, comments
  • and more ...

Often we are implementing new systems and resources to shop at no extra cost, only if exclusivity is charged only additional charge for system development / resource, our differential is to develop the virtual store according to the needs of your company

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I already have a site, is it possible to migrate to MFORMULA ?

Yes, you can migrate your site to MFORMULA, check the methodology.

01. After sign-in the service and confirm the payment, the MFORMULA develop the web site design.

02. After approval of web design, starts the installation and integration of web design with programming.

03. Procedure to enter the content text and images.

04. Test total on the site until approval.

05. Setting up email accounts, redirections and whole information already existing in the old provider.

06. Changing the DNS domain.

07. Receive e-mail instructions.

08. Cancel with the old provider.

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