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Reasons for you have a mobile site for your company
Many people still does not give due attention to the universe mobile (cell phones, smart phones / smartphones and pdas), mainly because in Brazil telephony operators do not have pricing policies that encourage the use of mobile access! But you do not expect the prices become competitive to meet mobile technology, do you ?

Reasons for you have a mobile site for your company

01. It grows dramatically the number of users of mobile phones
There are now 6.5 billion people on the planet, 3.5 billion lines of mobile phones and 1.2 billion of Internet users (2006). Impressed?

02. In countries emerging is easier to have a mobile phone that a connection to the Internet
Although the barrier in the price of a data connection should not be neglected, many people here have a mobile (2G or 3G) before the computer connection with regulating the Internet! Who knows your contents can not be useful / interesting to this user?

03. It is easy to have a web site "mobilised"
Today, even a layman can have a web site optimized for small screens (.mobi). If you already have content on the Internet, that this "mobilise" part of this content?

04. The 3G technology is coming to Brazil
Gradually, the technology for fast connection and mobile coming to Brazil. This part of your audience may be interested to read your contents in the row of the bank, on the subway, on the bus (if not a great city!) In the bathroom, etc. ...

05. The first will be the first
Starting now, you will give a chance to discover the power technologies, experience the best format, and discover the best tools so! When the wave comes, you will already be at the top of the first!

06. Mobile sites developed by mformula:
• Lella Foods -
• iPerfumes -
• Amazing Day -
• Portal Pousadas -
• Ferramentas Diamantadas -

07. Requeste your FREE Quote without compromise

Reasons for you to have your business on the Internet
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